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Slide START SCROLLING M / B A T U R A Y about me I am a product and process focused full-stack UX/UI/Product engineer...

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Empirical measurement of the user behavior Early and continual focus on users and their tasks Iterate nature_people ___
user centered design

1 Product Objectives User needs 2 Functional Specs. Content Requirements 3 Information Architecture Interaction Design 4 Information Design _Interface _Navigation 5 Sensory Design

Slide search Analysis Product Objectives: Start with examining our own objectives for the product or service. people User Research User Needs: Plan, recruit, write the protocol, collect the data and identify the key users and their tasks. Turn your users to personas to make them real. bubble_chart Information Architecture Structure the information so that other people understand and use it. touch_app Interaction Design Describe possible user behavior and define how the system will accommodate and respond. web Wireframe Great way of getting everyone involved in the design process. Lay out content and functionality. important_devices Protoype Next step of getting everyone involved in the process. Teleport your users into the future. multiline_chart Usability Testing Both formative and summative. See if your hypothesis have been validated. refresh Iterate Constantly refine and improve the designs. Continue to create the best value for the users.

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Slide Mirasis Mobile Tech. Android Launcher Android Launcher for elderly and for people with hand tremor or Parkinson’s Disease using their familiar mobile devices, instead of high-cost hardware. Product, UX, UI VIEW PROJECT M

Slide Credential Financial Credential Securities With access to news as it breaks and the ability to execute trades from mobile devices, the necessity of revisiting the app has risen. CSI is an online brokerage service for our clients to manage all or a portion of their investment portfolio. Product, UX, UI VIEW PROJECT C

Slide Incgnito Software Systems System Health App System Health App, -aka Stethoscope, discovers all services and servers on the network (via a separate Central Server Service), collects and stores statistics within a network, and analyzes stats to detect potential problems and risks, alerting administrators. Product, UX, UI VIEW PROJECT S

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